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Parking is easy, we have on street parking right outside our shop, or if the bays are full there are 2 free car parks in Tadcaster within 2 minutes of our shop. The first is just off Chapel Street  The second is just over the river bridge next to the bus station.

Whilst the road bridge is closed, there is also a free car park off Kirkgate on Pegg Lane.

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Tuesday to Friday 9am -5pm

Saturdays 8.30am - 1pm

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Ink refilling systems

We have been contacted a number of times recently about an ink refilling system sold by on line retailers, like Amazon going under the name of    JR Inkjet.

We do not have any connection to that company. As far as we know this company is not based in the UK. The only listing we have found is JR which is a Swedish listing, although we suspect they do not originate from there.

We do not sell or market any ink refilling systems.

We as a company do not recommend buying or using such a system, they will not work effectively in many modern inkjet printers.

This is bourn out by the number of emails we have received from people who have bought one of those systems, and found that their printer will not work. They have googled the company and mistakenly found us.

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The Inkshop Tadcaster are active members of the Tadcaster Flood Action Group.

See  for information about the group.

By being active members it may mean in times of flood emergency for the town we may have to close at short notice to man the flood pumps or to help others.